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Stick Family Wall Art

Stick Family Wall Art

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This beautifully 3D printed family frame is a special gift for mum, dad, new parents, grandparents and newly wed's. A thoughtful gift that is unique to the family and will be treasured forever. It is completely customisable depending on the members of the family and we have many different colours and stick people styles to choose from in the image gallery.

What’s included
1 x personalised stick people frame including the members of your family and family name. This frame size can fit up to 6 family members (including pets). For larger families, please contact us for pricing and frame options.

Frame size: 27cm x 27cm
Printable area: 21cmx21cm

Two frame options are available:

Please view the colour options in the gallery. We have printed each colour so that you can see what it looks like printed. We can also mount the family on either black or white background.

How to order
Upon placing your order, please select the colour you'd like the family (up to 6 members) and family name printed in and the frame colour you'd like. Please then add a note of which style of stick people you'd like by using the codes beneath each stick person in the image gallery i.e. A3

Our items are made from a type of biodegradable plastic called PLA and derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane.

As these are 3D printed, please note that there may be small imperfections, but they are a professional standard and printed on a high quality printer.

We are happy to print bulk orders. Please contact us for pricing and timing on large orders.

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